The entire village stood speechless as the coffin was carried through the vast ruck till it reached the old tiled kutcha house. A feeble, hunched and elderly woman sat across the narrow threshold of her little home waiting for her grandson's corpse. The woman was in her late nineties. She always kept her eyes closed or barely open. Behind her stood an young man around 20years who stood holding the spade.He was wearing a khadhi half-white worn-out dhothi. His eyes were moist and he trembled with sorrow over the death of his beloved brother.
The old woman curiously walked towards the coffin that was draped with the national flag. Everybody's eyes were set on her movements. She held his cheeks in her palms narrowed her blurred vision on his face, stared a bit longer and slowly turned away mumbling something to self. She sat back on the stone seat on the front still.
The village thashildar(leader who takes major decisions on behalf of the village) stepped out of the crowd, addressing the crowd he said "My heartfelt condolences to Laxmamma and her family. We mourn the death of our brave-son Sandeepa on the war field. An amount of Rs.10,000 would be given as a compensation for the family's loss, though I know it cannot fill the loss." He bent towards the woman streching his hand that held the bundle of money.
The old woman sat still without any reaction. He shrugged her shoulders and placed the money on her lap. She slowly touched bent down, scraped through the currency notes and stood up with the help of her stick. She turned back at her younger grandson and signalled him to come ahead. She slowly held his hand with her skinny, dark old hands and said
"My grandson's death is more of a pride to the country and my family than a loss. No money or valuables can repay his charm or equal his dedication.
He needs Salutes, not Sympathy.
We see Pride, not Plight.
He gave his Courage, you give him Condolences.
Take back your money. We want to lead a life with pride than this tentative and materialistic fame and care."

She still spoke to me....

Relieved over her recovering state,
I headed towards my flat next to the hospital,
It was a chill night, just started snowing,
Time seemed stagnant, I realised my watch had stopped running.
It was the watch she had gifted me for our anniversary last year.
Hastily opened my door hearing the ringing,
It was Dr. Bathra confirming her last breath @ 12:45, when I realised my stopped watch showing the same time.

A new beginning

After almost a month of misunderstanding,
He stood before her holding the card,
Slow and steady Tripti opened the invitation card,
Trying hard to digest her lover's name next to that of someone,
Tears gleamed when she saw those bold letters in graffiti,
It spelt Aryan weds Tripi.


First of all, I'd like to wish all my readers a very
'Happy new year' and secondly apologize for the long interval I'd taken due to million reasons.
Year 2009 was the best year of my 21 years of life. I can call it a milestone wrt to personal & professional life.
Many a changes took place which are indeed very nostalgic to me.
Firstly , I passed my BE with distinction being a cherry on the cake ;).
Second thing was getting placed in QUINNOX and thus kick-started my career in August.
Thirdly, bought my female-companion, my Rodeo, a beast on road.
Both families, mine and my fiance (lover for 7years) made things formal in December.
Ah! how could I forget the blogsphere, received my first award from Leo.
Made my maximum posts this year with all 16 followers joining this year.
What more can be asked for?
I'm loving it! Hope this year would be the same extending the progression.
Wish all of you this year would be a progressive one, bringing in a lot of happiness, good health and luck ;) .
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After the third hard stab into his heart,
Cunningly, with all satisfaction, she stared back at him,
Open arms he stood, gleaming with tears,
To make her all his once again.

Gone, unaware....

World never seem so calm for her,

Numb eyes as heavy as a brick, those she could'nt open.

Lungs cuffed as to not be able to breathe,

Her svelte figure tightly packed past warmth to heat,

Her insatiable desires, fading unexpressed,

She tried hard, to realise it was not just a dream,

Her limbs locked static at their places,

Her soul parting apart from her helpless relic,

She tried to scream, but energy burst within never reached out,

Unable to elude the reckless fate,

Perplexed she sank giving in...

She sank deeper....deeper....and more deeper..........

Days past, folks talked "She was burried alive".

Lost luxury

I wandered aimlessly,
for something that seemed lost;

Searched everywhere, through,
Moist grasslands that spread across the large valleys,
Faith filled chappels that glowed every day,
Humble ministries of the noble monks,
Life tempting luxuries at rich mansions,
Not a trace of my lost luxury,
Untill I fell on my mother's lap,
I found it, My peace.

A Performance

Dawn set,
Apprehensiveness blended in,
Expectations and blessings showered,
Wishes echoed all around,
Ambhitious goals triggered,
I stood alarmed.
Curtains raised,
Thousand eyes stared back,
from different heights to rate my performance,
Masses of audience kept creeping in,
Stampede of participants pushed impatient,
Perplexion and fear seemed to surpass my talent,
All i knew was now that I've reached here,
I gotta show myself worthy of my opportunity,
I pulled up my sleeves and walked forward,
To show the world what I knew about myself.
The platform, my office
My role, an integral part of it.

Yes it is true, 17-08-09 was my first working day. A big day in my dictionary for its own obvious reasons. I'd like to thank all my friends and well wishers for being there when I most needed them. I'd like to personally thank a few, a reason behind this post, them being, my Parents, Vasanth, Sharanya, Ramya, Siri, Uday, Vinay, Vara. Thank you guys for being a great moral support and hope this relationship flourishes its way to progress.

The unsaid affair

She hastily woke up tugging the towel till her bare shoulders to reach her handbag. The long ringing call went to a halt before she received. There were already 15 missed calls from Diwakar, her husband. She waited for the call for the next 2 minutes and pulled back into the blanket her boyfriend lied in. It was 10minutes past,and there again the call, this time with much thoughts running in perplexion she received....

Diw: Siya, where have you been from so long?

Siya: I....er...I....I'm still at the parlor doing my last touch. I came late for the appointment and hence I'm still not finished. I'll be there with you in other half an hour darling.

Diw: Are you aware that I gotta catch my flight at 5:45?

Siya: Of coarse sweetheart! Will be there...... TC... Bye......

She hung up and threw the cell casually on the bed in frustration.

Rahul: Siya why can't you just say the bhastard you are not interested to carry on the crap?

Siya: Oh c'mon Rahul this is no time to talk, and please don't start this all again. I can never do that. I'm in a hurry than ever. He's leaving on a business meeting to California. He'll be back only next evening. I gotta go.

She pulled her purple satin gown from the bean bag, it fit her svelte figure perfectly. She hackled her hair back to her usual style and pulled them into a high pony. It was 4:50p.m by now. She hurried towards the parking lot and started her black Swift out of the basement.

Siya: Rahul, what you doing here? (she asked pulling her glass down)

Rahul: Oh Siya...... ( he neared her and kissed her before she could say anything)you'd forgotten....

With no time to react she sped off the street towards home. She was married to Diwakar 4years back. Diwakar being a big business magnet had no much time for personal life. Diwakar traveled out states every 15days on business trips but bought her expensive gifts a fewer times. They had completed their 4th Anniversary recently when he had gifted Siya a grand diamond necklace. All was well between them, till she met Rahul(her gym trainer) at the mall.

Diwakar sat near the lounge on the vast crystal seat busy making calls. She obediently made her way to him and sat next to him while he was still busy on a call. He spoke nothing about the incident but to her dismay he seemed more casual, easy and exited as well.

Siya: "Did you win the contract?"

Diw: "Oh, I got an oversea call assuring positive air about it and I'll be off on this issue for a week. I miss you dear. Everytime I've to leave I feel so helpless and miserable, that’s the reason I buy so many gifts as a compensation. I know its no heed to my presence. And I always have this with me" pointing to her picture in his wallet.

She melt in guilt and bent down completely feeling ashamed of her act a few hours ago. She thought she could never forgive herself. Immediately.....

"Darling could I drop you to the airport?" she offered.

Surprised by her offer he quipped "No..no...no....I'll manage, will be back soon and we can celebrate a vacation" he kissed on her forehead and headed to the car. He was gone.

She dumped into the leather sofa next to the vast aquarium trying to introspect her life. Diwakar's words echoed time and again into her ears. Her thoughts were interrupted by a ring on Diwakar's cell. He carried three phones for personal, business and overseas call. He had forgotten his personal cell on the crystal seat he was sitting. It was 1 unread message.

Darling, I'm so sorry. I'll be late but will make it before the flight takes off unlike last time. I'll be wearing the ruby studded gown you gifted me last tour. Love you....

- Yours SUSAN

She immediately checked the call log to find almost all outgoing and incoming calls to Susan's number. Hard to swallow what she saw, she called her friend working in the local telephone exchange and queried the call history for the number. She was asked to wait for an hour. Meanwhile she browsed through the messages and gallery. She was faxed the details in an hour. She impatiently read the through the details to realize her husband had been dating Susan from past 4 years. .

PS:- Susan was titled Ms.Mexico and had just kickstarted her career in Fashion industry. Susan was her younger sister.

Its you....

Looked into the mirror,
All I saw was two eyes, two nostrils, one tongue
Looked into your eyes and looked back into the mirror,
I saw me,
I recognised self.

Judgement day

It was a gloomy weather outside. Her lawn looked moist and watered adequately. She stepped into the blue-black convertable, one year old, gifted by her to her husband on their first anniversary. It shone like a sword. She pulled back the gear and pushed off the garage. With a small note of instructions to her maid she speeded towards the street. The traffic seemed calm than any other day. Wind blew mildly through the neighbouring lawns swaying her blonde hair across her beautiful face. Pushing the hair lock back her ears, she drove faster over the recently tarred city street surrounded by the midday men at work.
As she drove past the small lake where love-bitten couples always swooned. She recalled the days when she was one among the crowd.
Those were the happier days of her 26years of life she reminded herself subconsciously. The stone benches had recorded her many memories with him whose photo-frame hung down the rear-view mirror. She recalled and cherished those golden moments with him that shooed away hours like seconds. She still remembered the first day after approval, the evening when even the half an hour long wait seemed a bliss to her. He had come to her with the good news of approval from his circle complimented with a boquet of red roses as a surprise to her. The long tight embrace they made that day could never be surpassed in their 4years of life together. The pleasant day continued to the multi-cuisine dinner. The platinum ring she always craved to have was unexpectedly lipped by her pink supple lips at the last sip of the champaign. Tears of joy rolled on her pink cheeks. Back home was a long drive, he pulled his car along the side, looked at her straight into the eyes. Minimising the distance between their faces he neared her ears to whisper ' I love you'. A long kiss made the day a perfect date. Those were days when he'd call off meetings at the workplace to spend quality time with her.
She had now reached her destination.The city traffic had now gained momentum.The parking lot was almost full. She found the space she needed to park her four-wheeler at the other end of parking lot.She looked into the rare-view, wiped her face, neatly tugged her hair back into the band. Bent towards the backseat to reach the file and her handbag, she carefully parked the convertible next to the lampost and walked swiftly towards the court.
It was the final judgement day for her 1year of divorce case. The case was filed against her spouse on charges of attempt to murder of wife.


He gazed at its' slowing pulse,
Losing its life like a handicapped elf,
He could do nothing but lose himself with it,
Or to stride past its end forever,
which he could never,
Unseperable, he breathed his last with its';
last puff of his Cigar.

The unexpected

The mid night spoke about its murk and gloom as it spread all along the barren streets of my home. It was a tedious day at work, worried about the fastened dinner preparation I'd to perform, I fastened towards my gate. I noticed a shadowly figure behind me. Looked back, to find a young man, contracted my retina to have a intricate look at him. He was in a pitiable condition. In fact, he was limp. He stood below the fuseless lampost managing his rugged luggage only on his single leg and the stick he held as substitute for his absent limb. My heart melt at the first look at him. He stared back curiously at me. Somehow I din't feel like heading home without favouring him and his reason for presence over te lonely streets. I walked towards him. He looked faint and scared at my distance towards him. I looked into his eyes which looked pale, starved and visibly feared. I queried him politely about his lonely venture at that time of night. Trembling due to the cold wind that past us, he looked down and said he was new to the place and was lost but had to reach his village the next morning. Althrough he sounded very feeble. My thoughts went churning thinking of what favour I could render him. I asked him to wait for a few minutes till I was back and hastened to my home. I wanted to treat him to a hot tomato soup and give some bucks so that he could continue to village without much financial hassels. It was dark and there was a power cut. Cursing the local power supplier I headed towards the kitchen rack to find some candles. I was taken aback at the messed up status of the kitchen, utensils fallen off the floor. I closed the window from where I knew the culprit cat had entered. Suddenly I felt I could give him te old blanket which could serve his many purposes. I carried the small white chessboard painted seat to the room to take the blanket from the attic. It was even more darker. I helped myself with the candle which I'd placed in the hallway.
Gasp!! went my breath. I could not believe my own eyes. Everything in the room scattered and was thrown helter skelter. I ran towards my wadrobe locker. My instincts were right. My house was robbed including the blanket. I ran towards my balcony, but noticed the empty street which had no trace of the boy. All that confirmed my instinct was the coaxial cable connecting my home hanging down the lampost.

Divine pain

There she lie amidst the pool of pain and trauma,
It was a long slumber,
Her limbs were as heavy as a wet log,
Tired, sorrowfully tired she tried to raise her eyebrows,
Suddenly, from nowhere, a jubilliant ring rang through her senses,
Pain never seemed so enthralling to her,
She craved for it as though that was end of the world,
Her eyes began to search aimlessly around,
Ears longing for the tiny cries of hunger,
Hands roughly gadding on the cotton spread,
Yes there she felt the the tender feet,
The purpose for her state, but she never cursed.
Pain seemed to famish unsaid at one look at his pink face,
Tears of joy rubbed through cheeks uncontrolled,
There slept her baby wrapped into a white turkey cloth,
Veins visibly running through the tiny limbs,
Delicate eyelids tightly taped closed for his part of slumber.
Pain never seemed so enthralling to her.

Frozen memory

Thousand words go unexpressable,
Tears glimmer within eyes,

A few expressions in graffiti on bulletin,
Burrying the silent suffering into the internal coffin,

Vehement end, barges its ugly hands between the beloved friends,
Breaking between emotional promises and bends.

Isolating the campus by the end of the day,
Cold and clamp, on the benches, that bore our many carvings, we lay.

Scraps and slams seem the only consoler,
Instincts and intuitions are the only awakeners.

Now we treasure the petty fights and arguments,
Expressing gratitude and acknowledgements.

Nostalogia prevails around carrying the untold misery,
The physical reality now just seems a frozen memory.

Note:- This piece of work is dedicated to all my Engineering college friends. I miss you all and best wishes for your splendid future!