Where are the Green canopies?

Wodering if you've seen this in the recent past? I tell you such mere old trees can only be seen once or twice for every 4-5kms you travel inside our bengaluru city.
We shall not be amazed if after 20yrs our government rewards anyone who discovers such trees inside city coz by that time trees themselves will be a rare sight! There shall too come a time where our descenders will see these banyan trees only on google and museums.
Well, call the reason-widening of roads, Metro train, subways, underpasses and what not., i wonder why noone understands that a city's true beauty does not lie in all the above mentioned but greenery, canopies, parks, lawns and lots and lots of trees. If the rate of chopping accelerates at this phase we'll have to digest the fact of finding Oxygen depots every corner of the roads surpassing the number of PCO'S. I'm not exaggerating the issue. If our carelessness knows no bounds today, its us who are going to witness the slow death of our planet. Practicaly how many of us know and celebrate the household festival of neccessity 'VANAMAHOTSAVA'?(Festival of planting trees).
If for 1-reason or the other we chop down trees, our act is not justified till we take charge to plant the same wherever it is apt. The above pic was shot at the race-course road opposite to hotel Taj. Most of the trees were atleast an average of 50-70yrs and more. Vividly blossomed, widely spread did they provide cool zephyr and shade to the busy pedestrains and riders partially shielding against the harmfull sunrays. Gone are they. Now where is the subsitute for this huge accountable loss? Its better we realise before we are engulfed by the fast-evolving 'GLOBAL WARMING'. 1 reason being the damage caused by chopping trees and the other being irresistably increasing Traffic and hence the pollution caused by it.
Lets make a compromise,
1)For every tree cut-down, thrice its number of vehicals should be debarred liscence.
2) Every house must compulsarily have atleast a tree, if no space, terrace-gardening is a must.
3)Rain-harvesting plans made compulsary for all buildings under construction.
4)Limiting the number of 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers per house.

5)Celebration of Vanamahotsava made compulsary in schools and colleges.


"Prevention is any day better than cure".