Judgement day

It was a gloomy weather outside. Her lawn looked moist and watered adequately. She stepped into the blue-black convertable, one year old, gifted by her to her husband on their first anniversary. It shone like a sword. She pulled back the gear and pushed off the garage. With a small note of instructions to her maid she speeded towards the street. The traffic seemed calm than any other day. Wind blew mildly through the neighbouring lawns swaying her blonde hair across her beautiful face. Pushing the hair lock back her ears, she drove faster over the recently tarred city street surrounded by the midday men at work.
As she drove past the small lake where love-bitten couples always swooned. She recalled the days when she was one among the crowd.
Those were the happier days of her 26years of life she reminded herself subconsciously. The stone benches had recorded her many memories with him whose photo-frame hung down the rear-view mirror. She recalled and cherished those golden moments with him that shooed away hours like seconds. She still remembered the first day after approval, the evening when even the half an hour long wait seemed a bliss to her. He had come to her with the good news of approval from his circle complimented with a boquet of red roses as a surprise to her. The long tight embrace they made that day could never be surpassed in their 4years of life together. The pleasant day continued to the multi-cuisine dinner. The platinum ring she always craved to have was unexpectedly lipped by her pink supple lips at the last sip of the champaign. Tears of joy rolled on her pink cheeks. Back home was a long drive, he pulled his car along the side, looked at her straight into the eyes. Minimising the distance between their faces he neared her ears to whisper ' I love you'. A long kiss made the day a perfect date. Those were days when he'd call off meetings at the workplace to spend quality time with her.
She had now reached her destination.The city traffic had now gained momentum.The parking lot was almost full. She found the space she needed to park her four-wheeler at the other end of parking lot.She looked into the rare-view, wiped her face, neatly tugged her hair back into the band. Bent towards the backseat to reach the file and her handbag, she carefully parked the convertible next to the lampost and walked swiftly towards the court.
It was the final judgement day for her 1year of divorce case. The case was filed against her spouse on charges of attempt to murder of wife.