I follow me

Perplexed I stood there, losing my dignity, giving up to all the sore incidents, latched within a gloomy room thinking never to come out of it, i counted each and every reason to have brought me here. It was as dark as a cell, haunted it was just with those pessimistic thoughts of mine. Day night i stood there praying that be the end. Reminsces of the dirty harsh laughter on me, i saw again and again. Self-dignity, respect fading like ripples on a quiet sea. There he came..........yet again,
yes i heard somebody,
there....., here....,
I turned all around....
To find no one in my vicinity.
Did i really see anyone? hear anyone?
Giving up, i was back into my gloomy world.... mustering my courage to give up.
A piece of rope lay there, the only thing to encourage my seeds within, staring at it i sat all day.
A hard voice yet soft but determined i heard this time very real, very very real, right next to me. He posed like a catalyst to my hard-musterd thoughts. He spoke...., spoke like he's never going to end. He seemed to know everything about me.

Don't you be a coward, you are special, you may be hidden to the world and so you consider to yourself, but least is the world aware that you are capable of things which many are not.. You fail in life when you don't come in light with this truth.
Bend down, see those who starve even for a single meal a day, those not being able to see the beautifull creations with their eyes, those not aware of the world around them, those who want to live and do more but counting their days unwillingly.
You still want end here? go ahead nobody will stop you...... , but remember none can assure you a better life after this if at all there is one. You may be seriously confined than this for the unforgivable loss you are making to your beloved ones and the world you live. Self-dignity is not what the world gives to you, its what you give to yourself.
World is vast and beautifull. If you don't like the part of world you are living in, wait for the best, the people awaiting to enter your life in future, your surroundings do change and so your cowardly, useless, downtrodden thoughts will change......

I seemed to be going gradually convinced, going by his words. But ,I did'nt want to listen to him, not anymore scared thought of coming back to the ruly world I live. I ran, ran, ran as fast as i could. When i was sure i was far enough i turned back..... silence...... i stood still with the persistance of his voice, words kept haunting me.. This time i wanted to hear more... i could show myself rays of hope.
Changed you mind? it was him.... again this far. Where could you run leaving yourself behind? I asked him "Who are you?
I got no answer.... It seemed the silence of the world. I was as desperate as you....... awaiting
He spoke" If not me nobody else can save you. You know me. I am within you. I am you... I am your conscious."