Economic Fluctuation

Little do they know about economy, education, politics, arts, literature, science but one cannot deny that these majority Indian citizens are a gem of people who are a lot more honest,frank,trustworthy and more than everything Hardworking.
One cannot assure if they get a wholesome 3-time meal a day. Some even don't have a roof to bind them against lightening, rain, wind etc., But still what keeps these people going is their peacefull,lively and humble lifestyle.
Ever wondered of those days where people lived in a nomadic lifestyle hunting for food,making cultivations,harvesting.Those were the days man never believed TOMMOROW ,he lived a life for the day having no pendings,backs and savings of food,money,firewood for the supposed tomorrow. That was a stage contradictory to ours where we'r blown into the competitive stampede of corruption,violence,Land mortages,court-cases and not to miss the traffic snarls.
Though educated we white-collared citizens cooling under AC'S, Computing in front of the user-friendly manuals-computers, having the between tea-breaks, protectively placed under a roof, and somebody or the other bothering our business, we still have tons of lessons to look-up and learn from these humble lives.
Blame it on the the ecomomy,self-centered administration or helpless society or the individual citizens fact that remains is rich get richer and poor get poorer.
Its we youth who've to give a thought about these selfless,happy-living ones to either learn a lesson or to pave a NEW INDIA having a socio-economic balance. Then we are sure to see a completely developed INDIA-MY INDIA.