Simply so obvious

There are many-a-such instances in life which ought to make you wonder what you just heard or said. Really funny ones! It was last week on 18-03-009 early morning i was rushing to my bustop carrying my record book in hand so that i could start glancing once i reach without wasting much time for my lab internals. An elderly person stopped me,i recognised him ,he was my dad\'s friend. Had no much time n patience, but still greeted him with a Hello! The very next thing i heard from him made me wonder if people are really that stupid or pretend to be so. He asked "Are you going to college?" What can i answer amidst the early morning tension of loosing my college bus? If not college where else could i go at that time, carrying a record in hand?

You encounter such questions very often. some instances are--------

When you are standing outside a temple with prasadam," seems like you've come to the temple?"

Some unexpected guest turns up on a sunday when you are at the dining table eating "seems like you are having breakfast?"

At the bustop" are you waiting for bus?"

And more frequently than this you hear certain phrases like these.

Funny joke- Jokes are supposed to be funny!, then why mention?

My old grandfather (in some novels)-Oh c'mon he's old and thats why he is grandfather.

Wooden doors - Iv never seen a copper door, steel door or an alluminium door.

Eating food- Have you heard anybody eating anything other than food?

Im sure you\'ve encountered more examples these---- Actually the problem is ,these questions or phrases have a default answer of its own. The answer to this is simply so obvious. Thats the reason the listener feels irritating when such questions are posed. The next time you hear such questions simply say " YOU KNOW THE ANSWER YOURSELF".