Time management,an art!

After a longsome anxiety period its now that i've found myself time.Today completed with the hard-core computer subject COMPUTER GRAPHICS.My mind is still continuing to carry its persistence of vision on the characteristic terms like pixels,1024*1024,cohen sutherland, clipping, rater-scan display...., and nevertheless my blue-yellow covered mass text-book by Mr.Folley(hats off to him). My next exams on Monday continues with computer networks-1.

Time never feels so short of itself unless its the Big-Time EXAM-TIME. Yes, now do we regret those evenings spent on eating street-chat,freaking,gaming the miniclip on google etc., Time management is an art. Its high time we realise it and develop it.

Successfully completed 3 papers,exactly deloaded half-a-burdan,yet no feel. Time count or the big-countdown whatever you may think it is,paves its rearrival from tonight. Hmm....... seriously what would you call this as.,?A race against time,or are we trying hard maintaining our phase with the illusionary fast moving time? I wonder why does'nt The VTU include a subject on this. Why not?