The entire village stood speechless as the coffin was carried through the vast ruck till it reached the old tiled kutcha house. A feeble, hunched and elderly woman sat across the narrow threshold of her little home waiting for her grandson's corpse. The woman was in her late nineties. She always kept her eyes closed or barely open. Behind her stood an young man around 20years who stood holding the spade.He was wearing a khadhi half-white worn-out dhothi. His eyes were moist and he trembled with sorrow over the death of his beloved brother.
The old woman curiously walked towards the coffin that was draped with the national flag. Everybody's eyes were set on her movements. She held his cheeks in her palms narrowed her blurred vision on his face, stared a bit longer and slowly turned away mumbling something to self. She sat back on the stone seat on the front still.
The village thashildar(leader who takes major decisions on behalf of the village) stepped out of the crowd, addressing the crowd he said "My heartfelt condolences to Laxmamma and her family. We mourn the death of our brave-son Sandeepa on the war field. An amount of Rs.10,000 would be given as a compensation for the family's loss, though I know it cannot fill the loss." He bent towards the woman streching his hand that held the bundle of money.
The old woman sat still without any reaction. He shrugged her shoulders and placed the money on her lap. She slowly touched bent down, scraped through the currency notes and stood up with the help of her stick. She turned back at her younger grandson and signalled him to come ahead. She slowly held his hand with her skinny, dark old hands and said
"My grandson's death is more of a pride to the country and my family than a loss. No money or valuables can repay his charm or equal his dedication.
He needs Salutes, not Sympathy.
We see Pride, not Plight.
He gave his Courage, you give him Condolences.
Take back your money. We want to lead a life with pride than this tentative and materialistic fame and care."

She still spoke to me....

Relieved over her recovering state,
I headed towards my flat next to the hospital,
It was a chill night, just started snowing,
Time seemed stagnant, I realised my watch had stopped running.
It was the watch she had gifted me for our anniversary last year.
Hastily opened my door hearing the ringing,
It was Dr. Bathra confirming her last breath @ 12:45, when I realised my stopped watch showing the same time.

A new beginning

After almost a month of misunderstanding,
He stood before her holding the card,
Slow and steady Tripti opened the invitation card,
Trying hard to digest her lover's name next to that of someone,
Tears gleamed when she saw those bold letters in graffiti,
It spelt Aryan weds Tripi.


First of all, I'd like to wish all my readers a very
'Happy new year' and secondly apologize for the long interval I'd taken due to million reasons.
Year 2009 was the best year of my 21 years of life. I can call it a milestone wrt to personal & professional life.
Many a changes took place which are indeed very nostalgic to me.
Firstly , I passed my BE with distinction being a cherry on the cake ;).
Second thing was getting placed in QUINNOX and thus kick-started my career in August.
Thirdly, bought my female-companion, my Rodeo, a beast on road.
Both families, mine and my fiance (lover for 7years) made things formal in December.
Ah! how could I forget the blogsphere, received my first award from Leo.
Made my maximum posts this year with all 16 followers joining this year.
What more can be asked for?
I'm loving it! Hope this year would be the same extending the progression.
Wish all of you this year would be a progressive one, bringing in a lot of happiness, good health and luck ;) .
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