A Real Challenge

Simple is life. really!! In fact its we who quest for ways to make it complex. You must be knowing the giant toronto,oh.., thats my exams has now subsided with the weather stations reporting their future arrival predictions to be in mid-dec.

Hmmm...... was telling about the challenge right., ever felt you are always highly successful in any task u venture?, ever felt on cloud nine for your first attempts?, no matter what your will-power never lets you down?,confidence level soar high on any new-starts?If these are any thoughts lingering in your mind, its high time you start losing these vain hopes.I tell you!!
Yes i'm planning for the undared task,in which only few people've discovered success.
It is., it is the mega-blue-print iv planned for this vacations. A major accomplishment of losing weight and those extra flabs. Aaaha.., so now you agree about the saga!
Boycott fried food, stringent diet with the so called delicacies laid on my plate would just be almonds, greens, vegetables,fruits. Morover to add to all these are those long early morning walks, aerobics, exercices,abs and so on.......
Never tried a task as this ever before alike me?I don't really recognise the dawn that brought these wishes or determinations in my simple mind. Nevertheless now that i'm serious about it i'm going ahead. Report my status in my next blog........
Please don't pity me(coz i do enof of it myself)!!!