Sheers of cries,eeries of frequent fireshots, reminses of treasured memories, amidst a pool of blood lifeless lay our friends, fellow citizen, brothers, sisters and OUR PROUD HEROES. Wednesday night started this blood-thirsty mayhem., eversince the entire country is doomed in hopes about the beloved, prayers, condolences and tears for the lost. The 3-day gamble of lives ended after an intense fight, bravery, selflessness, heroism of our beloved COMMANDOS ans SOLDIERS.
We as the citizens of the same country what have we dedicated here? Nothing at all....?? Is that all we can do? I don't know. When there are the young warm blooded negetives dedicating to destruction, we the INDIANS today's youth, tommorow's citizens being a mass(majority) being helpless about in such a neeedy situation? Can't we get onto the floors? This sounds impratical? Then does our share of responsibility, sacrifice, dedication to the country remain a ??? C'mon guys thats why i called it a "Wake-up call".
Lets do our bit. The country for a 4day was flooded with fears, cries, bloodshed, loss of valuable lives . Enough is enough lets wakeup, now let the country be flooded with the rage of awareness. Nothing other than The Powerfull, Intelligent, Brave, Determinat citizens of INDIA can bring Terrorism a big HALT and make it lick its feet. You get that? While our leaders are busy calculting and bargaining the compensations to families and making meeting in mid-city causing traffic jams and causing inconvinience lets do our bit of duty.
Terrorism is not just limited to Taj Hotel, Oberoi, Nariman house and such centres but very much may strike te very train/bus you are travelling, eatries,workplace anywhere. You know that and i know that. Our ancestors have shown us what we are capable of. Bravenass is in our genes. Nothin can break a democratic country like INDIA, our INDIA our MOTHERLAND. There may be a bit of Indira Gandhi in us, Gandhiji in us, Sandeep Unnikrishnan or our very own Mr.Karkare in us. Lets bring them out.
Terrorists reason their stand as a voice for the injustice done to Muslims.Then they sure lack General Knowledge. Former Prime Minister of India was A.P.J.Abdull Kalam. Former Indian Cricket team captain was Azaruddin. The stars whom all we youth adore and woo Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. Why all this? The very person who recomposed to the tunes of our National Anthem "Jana Gana Mana" is A.R.Rahman. Surrender our Mujahindins(their demand to central Govt)? What for? To captivate the entire country and bring their rule? The Indian Government is not foolish. Freedom brought by our ancestoral Netas and freeedom fighters after all that strive to be given up to such cowards who have can only avenge on innocent armless civilians? Cowards are they who barge into a country late night and attack civilians and commons and are no match to our Brave, genius, powerfull, efficient HEREOS, Not a chance.
Ever wondered what our commandos last thoughts would have been? It would've been just to save others lives which is very much seen when Sandeep Unnikrishnan succummed to death while saving his fellow commando. They might have even regretted that they din't do much. But least do our heroes witness today the freedom of Taj and success of the Mission "BLACK THUNDER". Lets join hands and do not something but everything to make this world Terrorism-free. We know "United we stand, divided we fall".
Lets take time to salute our BRAVOS and sense our luck, gratefullness, honour and privilage in taking birth in a country like INDIA MY MOTHERLAND. JAI HIND!!!!