After the third hard stab into his heart,
Cunningly, with all satisfaction, she stared back at him,
Open arms he stood, gleaming with tears,
To make her all his once again.

Gone, unaware....

World never seem so calm for her,

Numb eyes as heavy as a brick, those she could'nt open.

Lungs cuffed as to not be able to breathe,

Her svelte figure tightly packed past warmth to heat,

Her insatiable desires, fading unexpressed,

She tried hard, to realise it was not just a dream,

Her limbs locked static at their places,

Her soul parting apart from her helpless relic,

She tried to scream, but energy burst within never reached out,

Unable to elude the reckless fate,

Perplexed she sank giving in...

She sank deeper....deeper....and more deeper..........

Days past, folks talked "She was burried alive".