Divine pain

There she lie amidst the pool of pain and trauma,
It was a long slumber,
Her limbs were as heavy as a wet log,
Tired, sorrowfully tired she tried to raise her eyebrows,
Suddenly, from nowhere, a jubilliant ring rang through her senses,
Pain never seemed so enthralling to her,
She craved for it as though that was end of the world,
Her eyes began to search aimlessly around,
Ears longing for the tiny cries of hunger,
Hands roughly gadding on the cotton spread,
Yes there she felt the the tender feet,
The purpose for her state, but she never cursed.
Pain seemed to famish unsaid at one look at his pink face,
Tears of joy rubbed through cheeks uncontrolled,
There slept her baby wrapped into a white turkey cloth,
Veins visibly running through the tiny limbs,
Delicate eyelids tightly taped closed for his part of slumber.
Pain never seemed so enthralling to her.

Frozen memory

Thousand words go unexpressable,
Tears glimmer within eyes,

A few expressions in graffiti on bulletin,
Burrying the silent suffering into the internal coffin,

Vehement end, barges its ugly hands between the beloved friends,
Breaking between emotional promises and bends.

Isolating the campus by the end of the day,
Cold and clamp, on the benches, that bore our many carvings, we lay.

Scraps and slams seem the only consoler,
Instincts and intuitions are the only awakeners.

Now we treasure the petty fights and arguments,
Expressing gratitude and acknowledgements.

Nostalogia prevails around carrying the untold misery,
The physical reality now just seems a frozen memory.

Note:- This piece of work is dedicated to all my Engineering college friends. I miss you all and best wishes for your splendid future!

Speechless words

Ghastly graveyards swarmed to yards,
I heard no words;
Except for the spook, murk, gloom and
The truth of eternity.

Outskirts of a citadel spread to far vicinity,
I heard no words;
Except for the offensive, impetuous rivalry and
The sedate of war.

A stroll across the cloister,
Hurled across it, the zephyr,
I heard no words,
Except for the optimistic, holy murmur of hyms and
The need for morality.

The pent up volcano engulfing down to sea,
I heard no words,
Except for the jinx, foggy magma and
The anger of nature.

Althrough the speechless liaisons,
She conveyed to me the depth of sand and air,
She seemed to understand the languages of every element,
Prevailing in all these places.
She was called 'Silence'.....

17th betrayal

It was the 16th betrayal,
Fuming, I messaged her again,
My new found pen friend,
Yet again, I din't receive any replies,
I thought that was last I'd message her,
Days passed not regretting a day about her,
Months after I heard from a common friend,
She was crippled by Alzeimer.
This was the true betrayal
The 17th betrayal!