Speechless words

Ghastly graveyards swarmed to yards,
I heard no words;
Except for the spook, murk, gloom and
The truth of eternity.

Outskirts of a citadel spread to far vicinity,
I heard no words;
Except for the offensive, impetuous rivalry and
The sedate of war.

A stroll across the cloister,
Hurled across it, the zephyr,
I heard no words,
Except for the optimistic, holy murmur of hyms and
The need for morality.

The pent up volcano engulfing down to sea,
I heard no words,
Except for the jinx, foggy magma and
The anger of nature.

Althrough the speechless liaisons,
She conveyed to me the depth of sand and air,
She seemed to understand the languages of every element,
Prevailing in all these places.
She was called 'Silence'.....

5 lightenings:

Praveen said...

I doubt if silence can be expressed in better words

SHWETHA said...

Yeah! Silence speaks more than words.....
Sometimes u lack words to express many emotions bt it cn be conveyed in silence.
Luk if da graveyard was an interactiv plac, it wud'nt hav been scarier dan the otherwise.
Silence creeps terror, anger, faith more than words.
U pray in silence,
Death is silence,
u adore many times silently,
Faith and fear is in silence.
Suffering s many-a-times silent.
Have i justified?

kashyap said...

Power of Silence very well expressed!
And meditation is also silence.... rt?

Praveen said...

u already justified with ur poem..and this was an added bonus :D

Deadman Inc said...

Silence is a luxury these days in city life. Again, a wonderful piece explaining Silence's virtue.