Humbees are not extinct!

In this blog am not speaking about any species of insects, but those irresistibly present,persistent unavoidable species in our friend's circle, our relatives and not to leave behind our neighbours.

Not hard to see such scenes in our very reality. You'dve atleast come across any one such bee.
Basically i feel show-off attitude is an attention seeking act or maybe merely to say "i am the one".I wonder what ultimately these people wanna convince others about what they are. What do you think about such people?
Just a week ago, my mom started the same lines telling about her boasty friend. Oh that aunt, she the kind you gotta see, anytime you meet her tiringly praising her own sibbling(daughter) and about her study habits. What now if her daughter is so time-conscious that she even carries an alarm to bathroom to keep track of time she spends there.Does she expect us to believe such stories even if true what have we to do with that?
One speaking about the new car, while the other raising voice about the abroad settled son and yet another about the diamond jewellery bought on akshaya tritheeya.
Really funny ones iv seen, recently i heard a friend boasting about her foreign-returned brother saying" do you know my brother keeps so much of money in his armani trousers that they just show-up, his pants are even costlier than the bunch of money he has". (I wondered then maybe its a bunch of 5-rupees)I wondered if she wanted to tell that the brand is armani or if she wanted to say that he posseses a megbugs.
Certainly, i don't blame these people at all. You knowat, As long as the listener is a fool, even a bull can fly a flight(an old tamil saying tranlated by me). It goes like this " kekrave kenaya irundal, erme-maatu aeroplane ottma!"
You don't wanna encounter or indulge in such talks, just snap the person as soon as you realise his/her inset notion of conversation.God has created each one uniquely no matter if he is a beggar or an aristocrat. Be proud to be what you are but not boasty, it deteriorates your personality.
NEVER EXPLAIN YOURSELF, because many-a-times the person you explain may not be you.