17th betrayal

It was the 16th betrayal,
Fuming, I messaged her again,
My new found pen friend,
Yet again, I din't receive any replies,
I thought that was last I'd message her,
Days passed not regretting a day about her,
Months after I heard from a common friend,
She was crippled by Alzeimer.
This was the true betrayal
The 17th betrayal!

5 lightenings:

Praveen said...

loved this one..
But have doubt..any significance for 16 and 17? Will it be the same if its 4 and 5 ?

SHWETHA said...

Interesting Question.

kashyap said...

Really really impressive!
I liked this a lot!
Expecting many such.........

Gowthami said...

Lols....the ending is really sounds funny. But nice!

Deadman Inc said...

Hmm, cinematic twist :D