She still spoke to me....

Relieved over her recovering state,
I headed towards my flat next to the hospital,
It was a chill night, just started snowing,
Time seemed stagnant, I realised my watch had stopped running.
It was the watch she had gifted me for our anniversary last year.
Hastily opened my door hearing the ringing,
It was Dr. Bathra confirming her last breath @ 12:45, when I realised my stopped watch showing the same time.

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Anonymous said...

NIcely written......
I love reading 55 fictions.And it's agood one.
keep Writing

SHWETHA said...

Thanks vijay for being the first one again. :)

sharanya said...

Good one !!
keep it coming... love to read them.. :)

SHWETHA said...

Hey u visiting me here after sooooo long!
It is indeed a pleasant surprise!
Keep coming.

ANWESA said...

A very emotionally charged up piece..

ullas said...

awesome .... :)

Abhishek Singh said...

so sadist

SHWETHA said...

@ Anwesa
Thank u!

@ Ullas
U better start ya picture blog.

@Abishek Singh
I feel it nowhere suits the context. Morover sadist is referred to a person. You can't term 'so sadist', but 'sadistic'.
Probably u could call it devastating, depressive etc.,

Prats said...

really liked ds one !!! perfect :)

SHWETHA said...

Thank u!My pleasure!

ARUNA said...

Hey good one shwetha!!!

JoHn said...



Pri said...

leaves u with a strange feeling...and attaining that in the reader in 55 words is a huge compliment.

well written!