Divine pain

There she lie amidst the pool of pain and trauma,
It was a long slumber,
Her limbs were as heavy as a wet log,
Tired, sorrowfully tired she tried to raise her eyebrows,
Suddenly, from nowhere, a jubilliant ring rang through her senses,
Pain never seemed so enthralling to her,
She craved for it as though that was end of the world,
Her eyes began to search aimlessly around,
Ears longing for the tiny cries of hunger,
Hands roughly gadding on the cotton spread,
Yes there she felt the the tender feet,
The purpose for her state, but she never cursed.
Pain seemed to famish unsaid at one look at his pink face,
Tears of joy rubbed through cheeks uncontrolled,
There slept her baby wrapped into a white turkey cloth,
Veins visibly running through the tiny limbs,
Delicate eyelids tightly taped closed for his part of slumber.
Pain never seemed so enthralling to her.

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Gowthami said...

Too touching. It explains one stage in a woman's life. Very expressive. While reading you can easily imagine the situation and feel the pain and rejoice of the woman.

PARRY said...

the beautiful words said a lot.
the joys are obviously enormous which make her forget the pain.

Anonymous said...

quite beautiful and touching...
nicely written J...

Praveen said...

beautiful words..carried a positive energy towards the end..nice work

Deadman Inc said...

Beautiful is the word, where was this hidden poet all these days? ;)

SHWETHA said...

lols........ Thank you soooo much everybody. Whoa! this keeps me going.....

Anonymous said...

that was so very sweet !!! perfect :)

SHWETHA said...

Pleasure is mine! Thank u!