A Performance

Dawn set,
Apprehensiveness blended in,
Expectations and blessings showered,
Wishes echoed all around,
Ambhitious goals triggered,
I stood alarmed.
Curtains raised,
Thousand eyes stared back,
from different heights to rate my performance,
Masses of audience kept creeping in,
Stampede of participants pushed impatient,
Perplexion and fear seemed to surpass my talent,
All i knew was now that I've reached here,
I gotta show myself worthy of my opportunity,
I pulled up my sleeves and walked forward,
To show the world what I knew about myself.
The platform, my office
My role, an integral part of it.

Yes it is true, 17-08-09 was my first working day. A big day in my dictionary for its own obvious reasons. I'd like to thank all my friends and well wishers for being there when I most needed them. I'd like to personally thank a few, a reason behind this post, them being, my Parents, Vasanth, Sharanya, Ramya, Siri, Uday, Vinay, Vara. Thank you guys for being a great moral support and hope this relationship flourishes its way to progress.

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Anonymous said...


very articulate...

i absolutely love your theme...there is no credit to anybody?did you do it yourself?

do update our info…we are hosting our own domain now…just follow the link of the comment for the new blogs domain..

SHWETHA said...

yup I'll do that!
Credit I've passed on.... till noe I was on the process.... :)

Deadman Inc said...

One more fabulous piece from you, Welcome to the IT world officially :D Now on life will revolve a lot around work/office, so get used to lots of changes. I know you will excel here too, wishing you all the best in your stint as a software professional in the IT world.

HaRy!! said...

hmm i remember my first day in job...kudos to yu..nice memoirs really.... and very well carved yur emotions!

H a R y

HaRy!! said...

welcome yeah! :)

Anonymous said...

good poem! :)

happy working J! :)

SHWETHA said...

U being my greatest moral support and my career guide, how can i go wrong?
Thanks for being there :)

SHWETHA said...

Thanks a lot! My pleasure u liked it. :)

Thanks a lot! Gud things in life started frm da day u told me my results. :)
Ya a kinda lucky charm for me :D

PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) said...

May you get a lots of reasons to shine and smile :) nice poem !!

Umesh Agarwal said...

very well written...you have a very unique way of expressing your thoughts...well done :)