Lost luxury

I wandered aimlessly,
for something that seemed lost;

Searched everywhere, through,
Moist grasslands that spread across the large valleys,
Faith filled chappels that glowed every day,
Humble ministries of the noble monks,
Life tempting luxuries at rich mansions,
Not a trace of my lost luxury,
Untill I fell on my mother's lap,
I found it, My peace.

13 lightenings:

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

awweee how true!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

how sweet and true!

lovely picture too!

you are on my blogroll


SHWETHA said...

Thank you again!

SHWETHA said...

Thank you so much, my pleasure!
I've added you too....:)

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog....
I have joined your blog as a member. Same I expect from you.My blog is here

Archana said...

That's beautiful art. Who's the artist?

Also there is no place that's more peaceful than my mother's lap. I still cosy up to her on the couch, heh. Some things never change, and it's for the better. :)

SHWETHA said...

I'm commenting via my office system where graphics nt visible. Will do that as soon as my home internet connection sets back. I'm shifting now.

SHWETHA said...

Dat art, i loved it and felit its appropriate 4 my post.
Thank u for commenting.
There's never a place better than that!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful words! :)

SHWETHA said...

ya a kinda inspiration to me sometimes..... Thanks a lot!!

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ARUNA said...

wow shwetha, i'm unable to stop myself from going thru all ur posts....amazing and i loved the pic!!!!

SHWETHA said...

Yup I'm overwhelmed!! :D
Tanku tanku.....
Again some painting I found on google. Will send u links for these pics when I'm free(nw m @ ofc).