PHEW!! Time just flies , july now m at it again!! The same late night studies, early mornings,lots of caffeine,scampered room full of scattered work-sheets, text books and so on........ (u can visualise it!!). The vishveshvariah technological institution is at it again., al where the exam-fever. Already successfulls crossed th 5 hills,my so called semesters. Another 3 to do,i'll be saved the overhead of travelling this mass 54kms from banglore-chikballapur. And those unfuh-getable fatefull journey in DVD's.

Now for that i gotta get back to my desk. Hardly a-10 days left.



void main(){

int days, sub;

if(days> sub) printf(" success,no worries\n");

else printf(" get back, no loitering and blogging\n");getch();


To get this try ways of installing a borland or a tubo c compiler on this software. For sure go ahead, no syntax errors!!

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gowthami said...

all d best 4 ur xams buddy letz hope 4 d best...........