BODY ART....hmm..,sounds good but still something absurd. Any art like poking,tatooing,coloring....etc., is collectively called so. What's this saga all about.? I feel its basically an attention seeker in most of their worlds.

This raging style statement is not a new discovery. Thanks to the chinese medical "acupuncture" which has somehow unknowingly and gradually made its way to mark a word even in the fashion industry over the years.A tattoo is a permanent marking made by inserting ink into the layers of the skin to change the pigment for decorative and other reasons.

Everything about tattoing is acceptable,but personally i feel tattoing the "names.." on the skin sounds really eccentric!!Why do so,do u fear you may forget the name of your beloved or your own name? i accept if people suffering from alzheimer do so or atleast if you are suffering from 15minutes syndrme(remember ghagini?). Especially you might have seen the much buzzed saif's tattoo of kareena's name on his back which seems to have caught the limelight now. After this its much hyped Shruthi hassan who's caught the limelite for tattooing her own name (in tamil) on her shoulders. Silly!! really!!!(whats all there to flaunt about it with all that pain)

A tattoo should be a kind of simple design depictin some inner meaning if at all it has a definition for neccessity(accorrding to me). I seriously don't understand the need to get a tattoo at the rate of innumerable risks and timeless patience to maintain it. Recently read that the period after gettting a tattoo is quite a observed one. You must see to that the needles used are new, the person doing the is experienced, you not exposing to chemicals like soap.,sunlight.,(water,wind and what not?)If you people find a genuine, healthy, scientific reason for going for it inspite of all the overheads..... let me know!!!

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